Kristoffer Stefan is a graduate of Vienna University of Technology, focusing on experimental architecture. He explores how adaptive systems can modify perceptions of space and reveal their catalysing capacities.

His cross sectoral work includes : methodological investigations, transformable objects and participatory installations, interdisciplinary transfer of perspectives and tools, and the conception and societal implementation of cooperational strategies.

As a resident artist at Cité internationale des arts in Paris, Kristoffer Stefan is currently working on a sculptural project entangling collective human behaviour and changing material properties.



Cumulated Retranslation, Living Studio, Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt (A)

Enzymatic Act, Stephanie Krawinkler, Jot12, Vienna (A)
Killing Time
, Helena Eribenne, Lendhafen Klagenfurt (A)
Bündelung, Lendhafen Klagenfurt (A)
Assembling privacies : coronal mergence, Jot12, Vienna (A)
Lambda, University of Applied Arts, Vienna (A)

All EinGang, Adventwandern, Vienna (A)
Herz & Kreislauf, Heart of Darkness, Villa Schapira, Vienna (A)
Solo Exhibition, Thaler|Todoroff, Vienna (A)
Söderut, Sörmland (S) to Vienna (A)
Wand, art-figura, Schwarzenberg/Erzg. (D)
Peripetie, Kunst Offen, Kunsthalle Below (D)
Delta,  Kunsthalle Below (D) & Stenshuvudet, Österlen (S)
Spannungsfelder, Kunst in der Landschaft, Gut Gasteil (A)

ObjektRaumObjekt, MindHeartFuck, Mezzanin, Vienna (A)
Selfie Dreamer, Conny Zenk, Fabrik, Vienna (A) & Stein am Rhein (CH)
Die Weiße des Wals, in coop w. Zak Ray & Simone Caneiro, Vienna (A)
Eröffung Jot12, Vienna (A)
Trojan Seahorse, Playground AV, Vienna (A)
DoTank, Montpellier (F)
Open Space, Sète (F)

Solo Exhibition, Die Labile Botschaft, Vienna, Austria (A)
Respacing Venice, Piazza di Marco, Venice, Italy (I)
Heptacube, LostinSeatown, Zak Ray, Fabrik, Vienna (A)
WiredFH, Flederhaus, Vienna (A)
Let’s Swim!, Aspern Seestadt, Vienna (A)
Dorit, FoundinSeatown, Zak Ray, Fabrik, Vienna (A)
Transformable Arch, Innovation by Art Process, DoTank, Montpellier (F)

WayOutWest, Vienna (A) to Guarda (P)
Evolving Structures, Diploma Thesis, TU Wien
inTent, Vienna (A) to Bratislava (SK)
Immanent Elasticity, Soma, Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna (A)
The Art of Re-Creation, TU Wien
Initial studies on bending-active structures
MarsMarokko2013, ÖWF, Morocco
Residence|Resistance Under Cover, TU Wien
Freie Birne, Woche der Freien Bildung, Vienna (A)