Residing at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris from July to December 2020 to realize a project functionalizing effects of time-dependent material changes on contingent mechanisms

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supported by Kärnten Kultur & Landeshauptstadt Klagenfurt


, 2019
Bending-Active / Glassfibre & Polyester resin






Liminal Weave
, 2019

in: „All.Ein.Gang“
with Zak Ray & Olga Susman



Long time ago, due to intense work on the multistability of bending-active structures, while accumulating new methods of transformation and constantly looking for new shapes, I did turn my back on statics. I saw it located in the stability of those local minima where transformations start and where they happen to come to an end. This view changed radically.

Conformational dynamics are induced by ‚flooding‘ those valleys. The structure is being pushed out of a stable state until crossing an energy barrier so that its intrinsic systematics take over and pull towards the next minimum. In this shape-shifting process the initial and the final states are stable but hardly pointing out specific static potential. But so is the tipping point: in such culminated states of unstable equilimbrium potential energy is at its maximum and only a minimum of additional effort is needed to stabilize the system and gain metastability.

So I started using my experimental approach to also examine such potential ideal shapes for wide-span ultra lightweigt structures. What you see on the pictures below is one of the first models. Currently effort is being put on scaling to realize a small pavillon.
Will keep you informed!